Do you feel like your relationship has gotten to the point of no return, wondering if you chose the wrong partner or spouse and that you are doomed to be unhappy? Are you tired of fighting with your partner and feel like they just don’t understand or respect you?

I have worked with couples in these exact circumstances and I have seen them work through the crappy stuff to get to the good again.  It requires going to a deeper level than what is presented on the surface, and exposing the root of the issues that are occurring.  I assist couples in this process to get them what they really want out of their relationship and help them to a place of mutual satisfaction and connection. 


Do you feel lost, confused, alone, or depressed?  Have you looked in the mirror lately and not recognized the person that you have become?

We are naturally evolving creatures over time and with experience. It is common to go through parts of life not knowing who we are or feeling lost as we transition into a new phase.  The process of therapy is designed to help you become more aware of your patterns in order to become more free to make choices that better reflect who you truly are in your current life and relationships.